Linear Viscoelastic Region (LVER)

It is important when measuring the visco-elastic charac­teristics that measurements are made in the material’s linear visco-elastic region, where stress and strain are proportional.  

In the LVER, applied stresses are insufficient to cause structural breakdown (yielding) of the structure and hence important micro-structural properties are being measured. When applied stresses exceed the Yield StressYield stress is defined as the stress below which no flow occurs; literally behaves like a weak solid at rest and a liquid when yielded.yield stress, non-linearities appear and measurements can no longer be easily correlated with micro-structural properties.

The linear visco-elastic region is typically determined from an experiment by performing a stress or strain sweep test and observing the point at which the structure begins to break down (see below). This, the limit of the linear visco-elastic region corresponds to the point at which Shear Modulus G*G or shear modulus is defined as the ratio of shear stress and shear strain.Gbecomes stress or strain dependent.