Kinexus Prime lab+

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The Power of Prime for Quality Control

The Kinexus Prime lab+ is designed to withstand the rigors of a busy Quality Control laboratory, to provide robust and reliable rheological test capabilities. Ease of use is paramount in this environment, and the rSpace software enables Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) driven rheological testing for test protocols that can be used company wide.

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The Kinexus Prime lab+ Rheometer 

can be easily configured to meet routine rheological test requirements for dispersions and other complex fluids and soft solids across a wide variety of industry sectors.

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Simply scan the QR code and get a 3D model of the instrument directly on your mobile phone or tablet. With the help of the latest AR Technology (Artificial Reality), the 3D model can easily be placed in your laboratory in its original life size. This function is browser-based and requires no app. 

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rSpace Software - Experience the Ultimate in Test Flexibilitywith Sequence-Driven Rheometer Control

  • Drag and Drop actions and Import subsequence functionality
  • Sequences can be designed to include:
    • user choices and questions 
    • calculate values 
    • loops 
    • triggers 
    • pass/fail reporting 
    • models 
    • cross-over points 
    • peak and valley analysis 
    • automatic report generation 
    • prompts using imagery 
    • specific user inputs and instructions during a measurement

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