State-of-the-art technology for thermophysical properties

The NETZSCH LFA 457 MicroFlash® complies with the latest technology for modern laser flash systems. The table-top instrument allows measurements from -125°C to 1100°C using two different user-exchangeable furnaces.

The innovative infrared sensor technology employed in the system enables measurement of the temperature increase on the back surface of the sample, even at temperatures of -125°C.

The instrument can be used for small and large sample sizes of up to 25.4 mm diameter and, with the integrated sample changer, measurements can be run on several samples at the same time.

The vacuum-tight design enables tests under defined atmospheres.

The vertical arrangement of the sample holder, furnace and detector simplifies sample placement and, at the same time, guarantees an optimum signal-to-noise ratio of the detector signal.

The LFA 457 MicroFlash® is the most up-to-date and versatile LFA system for research and development and for all applications involving characterization of standard and high-performance materials in automobile manufacturing, aeronautics, astronautics and energy technology.

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Technical Data

Temperature range
-125°C to 500°C, RT to 1100°C, 
(2 exchangeable furnace types)
Heating- and cooling rates
0.01 K/min to 50 K/min
Laser pulse energy
up to 18 J/pulse, (adjustable power)

Sample holder: 
SiC, graphite
Liquid metal holder: sapphire
Sample holder for liquids: platinum

inert, oxidizing, reducing, static, dynamic

Vacuum-tight assembly
up to 10-2 mbar (1 Pa)

This instrument is LabV®️-primed

LabV®️ takes the data from your analytical instrument: It automatically imports all measurement data into a central and secure database solution, the LabV®️ software. This allows you to visualize the data in LabV®️ and to make them searchable. Your data will now be accessible from anywhere. Moreover you have the possibility to generate reports.

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NETZSCH LFA 457 MicroFlash® for Thermophysical Properties Testing 

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