Asphalt & Bitumen Rheology Series


In this webinar series we will talk about asphalt and bitumen binder rheology.

Our Speaker: John Casola

John is one of our many Rheology Technical Specialists in part of our team of international rheology experts. He is based in the US, working for NETZSCH and has been involved with instrumentation to characterize material rheology for the past 41 years. He has a strong background in material science and has helped many companies over the years better understand the products they use, work with, and make. As an instructor, he has been involved in numerous training programs over the years, all focusing on rheology & material characterization. John is a founding member and co-creator of the educational training program of the Association of Modified Asphalt Producers, and also takes part in both the Binder Expert Task Group and Asphalt Emulsion Task Force. He is also involved with the ASTM on asphalt rheology.

Part 3 | Intro to Testing to AASHTO/ASTM Specifications

April 6, 2023 | 10 AM EST / 3 PM BST

This presentation will discuss the current state of asphalt binder specifications to AASHTO and ASTM. It will cover some background to Superpave and its evolution from MP-1 to M320 to M332 as well as some of the active research looking forward. It will touch on viscosity and penetration which preceded Superpave including various 'Performance-Graded (PG) BinderA performance-based asphalt grading system intended to minimize the potential for rutting, fatigue cracking and thermal cracking as initially defined by Superpave under AASHTO M-320 and M-332 including later equivalents by ASTM, EN, DIN, etc.PG plus specifications' used by some State DOTs. The intension is to provide some explanations to many of the hows and whys behind many of the current testing specifications.

This presentation will provide a basic understanding and background of asphalt binder testing and is suitable for anyone with an interest in gaining a more comprehensive understanding of why and how these tests apply.

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In this webinar series, there will be a new part every month. Registration will be available soon!

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