Kinexus DSR-E

Dynamic Shear Rheometer

Simple solution for basic research and testing, ideal for the roofing industry

The Kinexus DSR-E forms part of a complete dynamic shear rheometer package to meet the demanding needs of research, product development, comparative benchmarking, quality control and assurance required by the global Asphalt / Bitumen Industry with true ‘plug and play’ functionality for all measuring systems and environmental control units. The Kinexus DSR-E enables pioneering Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) based testing while offering access to a full range of standard rheological tests with total flexibility of test design and set-up.

The Kinexus DSR-E

incorporates technological innovations that enable optimal flexibility in rheological test capabilities and protocols.

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Technical Data

Temperature range
-40°C to 300°C
Rheology and viscoelasticity
Torque range
10nNm to 200mNm

Rheometry - rotational

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Rheology Part 1 - The Basics of Viscosity 

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Rheology Part 2 - Basics of Viscoelasticity