锂电材料产气分析——热质联用系统 (Analysis of Gas Production from Lithium Battery Materials - TG-QMS System)

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10:00 – 11:00 AM CST



Battery bulging refers to the phenomenon where gases produced by chemical reactions inside the battery cause the battery's outer packaging to expand and deform. This situation can lead to a decline in battery performance and even pose safety risks. To thoroughly address this issue, it is necessary to start from the material level, conducting gas analysis on lithium battery materials. Factors like moisture content in materials, the amount of oxygen released during Decomposition reactionA decomposition reaction is a thermally induced reaction of a chemical compound forming solid and/or gaseous products. decomposition, and the production of toxic gases are all focal points in research. A thermal analysis mass spectrometry coupling system is well-suited to perform the aforementioned tasks. Compared to traditional methods of collecting gas for GCMS analysis, the TG-QMS coupling system additionally provides information on thermal weight and temperature. From the measurement results, we can determine at what temperature specific gases are emitted from the material. With the help of a PTA attachment, the amount of specific gas released can also be calculated. 

This webinar will combine application cases to show how TG-QMS system can help us analyze evolving gases from different types of lithium battery materials. 

Mr. Yan Zhou
Application Engineer
NETZSCH Scientific Instruments Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.


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