Food and Drink

The Kinexus Prime is an essential analytical tool for the food and drinks industry, whether determining the texture (mouth feel) of chocolate, the yield stress of a sauce, the stability of a smoothie, the TackinessTackiness describes the interaction between 2 layers of identical (autohesion) or different (cohesion) materials in terms of surface stickiness.tackiness of a jam or the snap on a biscuit. The versatility of the instrument means that a wide variety of measurements can be conducted on all types of foods and drinks, including: solids, pastes, gums, gels and liquids.

Which Rheometer suits your needs?

Rotational and Capillary Rheometers

From the entry level Kinexus Prime lab+ to the most sensitive Kinexus Prime ultra+, we offer a range of rotational rheometers to meet your needs, suited to sample type and measurement requirements. Some examples of our extensive range of optional extras include the ability to visualize flow with the rheo-microscope or analyze product texture with the texture analysis accessory.

A high-pressure capillary rheometer can replicate the higher shear rates of your processing or application conditions. The portfolio includes the bench-top Rosand RH2000 and the more powerful RH7 and RH10 models. With options of fluids piston tips and small diameter dies for low viscosity materials to achieve high shear rates.