08.03.2023 10:00

LFA Online Training

The Conductivité ThermiqueThermal conductivity (λ with the unit W/(m•K)) describes the transport of energy – in the form of heat – through a body of mass as the result of a temperature gradient (see fig. 1). According to the second law of thermodynamics, heat always flows in the direction of the lower temperature.thermal conductivity of already “well known” or new materials gets increasingly important for scientific research and industry. It is a necessary value for optimization of heating/cooling processes, e.g., casting iron, mold injection of polymers or development of new composite materials.
This training session is mainly addressed to users of NETZSCH LFA instruments; others users are also welcome. The aim of this session is to enable the participants to choose reasonable samples for LFA analyses. Optimization of the measurement parameters is part of the on-line training along with proper handling of the evaluation procedure.


CET 10-12 and 14-16

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