Characterisation of Pharmaceuticals using Thermal Analysis

08:45Doors Open 
09:15Introduction to NETZSCHPeter Davies
10:00Significance of thermal analysis in pharmaceutical research/development and quality controlDr. Gabriele Kaiser
10:30Coffee Break 
11:00Focus on DSC, TGA, STA and Evolved Gas CouplingsEileen Smith
11:45Substance characterisation, polymorphic studies and Purity Determination using DSCDr. Gabriele Kaiser
12:30Lunch Break 
13:30Investigating the thermal stability and shelf life of pharmaceuticals by using STA/TG-FTIR and Kinetics SoftwareDr. Gabriele Kaiser
14:15Coffee Break 
14:45How the NETZSCH software meets the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11Dr. Gabriele Kaiser
15:15DSC and software demo - SmartMode, AutoEvaluation, Identify, Superposition -
New dimensions in thermal analysis
Dr. Gabriele Kaiser / Eileen Smith
16:00Questions & Answers