18650 Isothermal Calorimetry Testing

Isothermal Calorimetry can support in the design and performance of 18650 cells.

Using the VariPhi® 3D sensor in the ARC®® 254, true isothermal tests were conducted on a Li-ion 18650 cell. Heat is measured directly using this technique, there is no need to assume or calculate a heat capacity. The blue “baseline” shown in the diagram represent the amount of heat to hold the cell isothermally at 50°C. Endothermic behavior, highest during the start of the charge cycle can be seen as heater power above the baseline, exothermic behavior, as seen in the discharge cycles is below the baseline. Isothermal testing gives you the heat-output as a function of time, temperature, and cycling conditions. This data can be used to calculate thermal loads and battery efficiency.

18650 Li ion Cell Test