14.11.2022 by Aileen Sammler

Shape the Future of Paints and Coatings

New brochure available!

Since the ancient times of cave paintings, people have experimented with pigments to transform and color the world around them. This goes beyond decoration in today’s modern industry: Innovations in smart coatings and the focus on sustainability are creating an almost limitless potential for growth. From solar paint and smart walls to military aircraft, paints and coatings have more power to change the world around us than ever before. Among all these possibilities, the future is still being shaped.

Completely new applications demand new formulations – and demand a highly detailed, nanoscale understanding of those formulations. Achieving all this efficiently can be a challenge. NETZSCH and Malvern Panalytical can help here!

Both companies leverage over six decades of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of analytical instruments to offer a complete range of laboratory and on-line analytical solutions. The unique range of possibilities offered – from elemental analysis through to rheological and visco-elastic properties – allow optimization throughout production and research.





Whether you are a producer of pigments trying to ensure consistent particle size, a researcher determining molecular weights of the latest biopolymer, or a formulator optimizing the flow properties of a paint, our solutions offer you the level of insight and control you need to power the paints and coatings of the future.


Find out more and download our new brochure:

This brochure gives an overview of the characterization tools for particles and dispersions as well as those for the optimization the behavior and performance pf paints and coatings.