What is Rheology?

Rheology is the measure of deformation and flow of a material and provides an important link between product microstructure and performance. A formulators’ goal is to produce a product which meets the desired performance criteria by controlling its microstructure and ultimately its rheology. 

Not only is rheology an essential analytical tool for the R&D industry, it is also a valuable performance indicator for the QC environment. The ability to customize and create bespoke methods within the software makes its performance in a QC lab paramount. Methods can include specific instructions according to sample type, pass-fail criteria, automatic analysis, save, export and report generation all with the push of one button.

NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing is the only company on the market that offers both rotational and capillary rheometers and, in combination with other thermal analysis instruments such as Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), provides extensive analysis capabilities from a single source.

Method Overview

Reometri Capillari 

Dynamic Shear Rheometers (DSR) per Analisi su Asfalti e Bitumi

La Reologia - Il Cuore della Formulazione e del Processo 

Esistono due tipi di reometro: rotazionale e capillare ad alta pressione. La differenza principale tra i due è la velocità di taglio applicata. 

Perché è importante condurre misure a diverse velocità di taglio? Perché possiamo ricavare un quadro completo dei nostri materiali, capendo come la formulazione influenza il comportamento reologico e, di conseguenza, sia lavorazione sia le prestazioni finali. Il comportamento dei materiali a riposo può essere completamente diverso da quello durante la produzione, l’applicazione, il trasporto, e nel lungo tempo.

Perfeziona i tuoi processi: quale strumento soddisfa le tue esigenze?

Sia che tu debba misurare la struttura di un solido o determinare le prestazioni di stampaggio, con oltre 14 decadi di velocità di taglio, i nostri reometri sanno sempre rispondere alle tue domande.

From low to high shear rates: NETZSCH reaches them all

Come può la Reologia aiutarti?

Application book: Rotational Rheology: Interpretation of Data by Application

On more than 100 pages, it shows many exemplary measurements from the fields of:

  • Paints, Coatings & Inks
  • Polymers
  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics
  • Bitumen, petrochemical and miscellaneous.
  • In an introduction, the basic concepts of rheology are explained, making this a small standard work, especially for beginners but also for advanced users.

Application book: Capillary Rheology: Interpretation of Data by Application

This new booklet delivers an introduction to the technology and subject area, discusses application examples, shows how to characterize fundamental material properties and provides measurements using advanced techniques.

The booklet provides an insight into how shear and extensional properties can influence behavior in application, whilst allowing processing problems to be investigated and production to continue on the factory floor. This highlights the importance and benefits for the material producer, processor and researcher.


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