Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Emulsion formulation of a topical cream, stability of an oral medicine, or the flow of a personal care product are all common applications studied on the Kinexus Prime rotational rheometer. By using the Kinexus Prime you can ensure stability across a temperature range for transportation in preparation for a product to be distributed around the world. The Kinexus rSpace software encompasses a wide range of solution based pre-programmed tests that guide you through the measurement depending on application and required sample property.

Which Rheometer suits your needs?

Rotational or Capillary Rheometers

From the entry level Kinexus Prime lab+ to the most sensitive Kinexus Prime ultra+, we have a range of rotational rheometers to meet your needs, suited to sample type and measurement requirements. Some examples of our extensive range of optional extras include the ability to visualize flow with the rheo-microscope or prevent sample drying with the solvent trap accessory. Small sample volumes? No problem. We have the ultimate sensitivity for even the smallest of measuring geometries.

A high-pressure capillary rheometer can replicate the higher shear rates of your processing or application conditions. The portfolio includes the bench-top Rosand RH2000 and the more powerful RH7 and RH10 models. With the options of fluids piston tips and small diameter dies for low viscosity materials to achieve high shear rates.