Non-Recoverable Creep Compliance (Jnr)

(Jnr) is the non-recoverable creep compliance as described in AASHTO T 350, ASTM D7405 and EN 16659. It is calculated by the residual StrainStrain describes a deformation of a material, which is loaded mechanically by an external force or stress. Rubber compounds show creep properties, if a static load is applied.strain in a specimen after a creep and recovery cycle divided by the StressStress is defined as a level of force applied on a sample with a well-defined cross section. (Stress = force/area). Samples having a circular or rectangular cross section can be compressed or stretched. Elastic materials like rubber can be stretched up to 5 to 10 times their original length.stress applied, reported in k Pa-1.
It can be considered a representation of the “size” of a rut in a pavement.