Live from the Lab!

NETZSCH North America Commercial Testing Laboratory is loaded with the best instrumentation and expertise. Its doors have always been open physically to anyone interested in the practical matters of materials characterization

But in the world of the “new normal” we are happy to announce a second round of virtual ‘live fire’ sessions. The series of live demos are based on questions we frequently hear about how our instruments work and the best measurements can be made. These demos are the short and sweet!

Join us in our free live demos!

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STA-GC/MS: Technique Overview: Practical considerations in evolved gas analysis

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Rotational Rheology: Practicum with the NETZSCH Kinexus instrument

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Dielectric Analysis for Curing Optimization with the DEA 288 platform

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Capillary Rheology: Practicum with the NETZSCH Rosand instrument

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Measuring Heat Capacity

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High Pressure DSC in practice

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We would like to point out that all our webinars are recorded. The recordings are made available to the participants – as well as to the registrants – in an automated way afterwards. You are welcome to officially register for the webinars. Even if you can't attend, you will receive the recordings afterwards.