DMA Eplexor® up to 500 N

High-Force DMA 


DMA GABO Eplexor®シリーズの最大±500Nの試験機は、エラストマーやポリマー、複合材料、金属、ガラス、セラミック、生体材料や食品、接着剤、液体など、さまざまな材料の動的機械的(または静的)特性を評価することができます。

高荷重DMAシステムのモジュール設計により、引張、圧縮、曲げ、せん断の各モードでの測定が可能です。このシリーズの試験機は、主に最大動力の範囲が±25 N、±100 N、±150 N、±500 Nという点で互いに異なっています。


このシリーズの試験機はすべて、DIN 53513、ISO 6721/1、ISO 6721/4、ISO 6721/5、ISO 6721/6、ISO 4664、ASTM D4065、ASTM D4473などの規格に準拠しております。

...様々な荷重センサーや ひずみセンサー、また、初回の設置後、いつでも簡単に基本システムにアップグレードできる加熱炉を使用しています。








... 取り外しが容易で、10Nから2500Nまでの荷重に対応しています。


Sample Holders for a Variety of Applications
...from liquids via reinforced thermosets to metals and ceramics — all materials can be investigated with the DMA GABO Eplexor®.  

DiPLEXOR® - Simultaneous DMA and DEA (on request)
...for the investigation of transport and RelaxationWhen a constant strain is applied to a rubber compound, the force necessary to maintain that strain is not constant but decreases with time; this behavior is known as stress relaxation. The process responsible for stress relaxation can be physical or chemical, and under normal conditions, both will occur at the same time. relaxation processes on the molecular level.  

Humidity Generator (HYGROMATOR®)
...add-on serves to investigate the water uptake of samples such as plastics and biopolymers. With the humidity generator, it is possible to create relative humidity values of between 5% and 95% in the temperature range between 5°C and 95°C.  

Immersion Bath
...even for measurements in the tension, compression and bending mode; for the investigation of aging or plasticizer effects caused by contact with water or oil.

Goodrich Flexometer Module
...for the optimization of the thermal properties and life cycle of tire mixtures; applies a cyclic load and measures the resulting temperature change due to heat build-up.  

Cooling Options
...two different cooling systems are available including liquid nitrogen cooling to -160°C and air chiller to -60°C to use with the standard furnace

DMA Measurements in Reactive Atmospheres
...containment with fume hood for in-situ investigations protects the laboratory environment.  

Film tension
Fiber cord tension
3-point bending
Asymmetric bending
4-point bending
Double shear
Dual cantilever
Dielectric dynamic mechanical combination


The Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyzer applies forced periodic loads to the sample and analyzes the phase shift between this primary excitation and the material’s response. The response of an ideal elastic system (e.g., spring) on a sinusoidal load at a given frequency is of the same frequency and exactly in phase with the excitation. The situation changes in a real system: A phase shift (δ > 0°) between the primary excitation and response of the same frequency occurs in the case of linear visco-elastic materials (e.g., polymers).

Elastic and non-elastic properties inherently describe the dynamic mechanical performance of the material. The storage modulus E’, the real part of the complex modulus E*, represents the elastic component; the Viscous modulusThe complex modulus (viscous component), loss modulus, or G’’, is the “imaginary” part of the samples the overall complex modulus. This viscous component indicates the liquid like, or out of phase, response of the sample being measurement. loss modulus E’’, the dissipated part, is the imaginary part. Depicted in the complex plane, the loss and storage modulus are the projections of the complex modulus onto the real and imaginary axis. The tangent of the angle between the real axis and the complex modulus (E*) represents the phase shift (tanδ) between the two.


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Technical Data

Temperature Range
-160°C to 1500°C (temperature range covered by three furnaces)
Static force range
up to 1500 N
Frequency range
0.01 Hz to 100 Hz; optional 0.0001 Hz and 200 Hz
  • 動的荷重範囲:
    ± 500 N, ± 150 N,  ± 100 N, ± 25 N
  • 荷重センサー:
    交換可能、最大荷重 ±10 N~±2500 N
  • ブレード・スプリング:
  • 静的変位:
    60 mm
  • 動的変位:
    使用可能なひずみセンサー:±1.5 mm、±3 mm、±6 mm(DMA GABO Eplexor® モデル)
  • 補助分析モード:
  • 最大試料寸法(標準炉内):
    • 引張り:  80 mm x 10 mm x 10 mm (長さ80mm)
    • シア―: ∅ 4 mm to 20 mm (通常: 10 mm)
    • 3点曲げ:  最大70mmのフリーベンディング長(最大120mmのサンプル長)
  • サンプルホルダー: 



The comprehensive DMA GABO Eplexor® software is based on Windows operating systems. The extensive software package comprises data and curve analyses, hysteresis representation, master curve calculations, etc.
It also includes specific templates for tension, compression or bending tests.

The software features include:

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