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Choose literature according to your field of interest from among our applications literature.

Here you find literature data we especially recommend:
AS-098-2006 Polyurethane Foam
AS-101-2006 EP Powder Coating

Take advantage of our comprehensive literature service for further application examples for your polymer field. 

We recommend to especially have a look onto the following literature:
AS-032-2006 Unsaturated Polyester Resin
AS-097-2006 Epoxy Resin (Pre-Cured)
AS-106-2006 1-Component Epoxy Resin Delo-Katiobond KB 554
AS-107-2006 Methacrylates Used as Dental Restorative Material
AS-131-2006 Epoxy Resin
AS-140-2007 Vinyl Ester Resin
AS-143-2007 Polyimide Resin
AS-144-2007 Epoxy Powder Coating
AS-145-2007 Epoxy Resin
AS-146-2007 Epoxy Powder Coating
AS-147-2007 Vinyl Ester Resin

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