Identification - Ibuprofen

Sometimes, it is necessary to know if the used substance is suitable for the intended purpose (cf. USP <661.1> for plastic materials of construction), if it is the correct polymorph or to get an idea which substance is the major component within a physical mixture.

In such cases, the software functionality Identify can help. Identify is a curve recognition and database software which offers library search possibilities. The software comes already with several libraries. However, each user can create its own libraries and can expand them with measurements and literature data of its own. It can be applied to DSC, TGA, STA, Specific Heat Capacity (cp)Heat capacity is a material-specific physical quantity, determined by the amount of heat supplied to specimen, divided by the resulting temperature increase. The specific heat capacity is related to a unit mass of the specimen.cp and c-DTA®® data.

The graphic shows the result of a database comparison between an experimental DSC curve on a commercial Ibuprofen tablet (400 mg ibuprofen) and the database entry of pure ibuprofen. The measurement was carried out using 8.69 mg sample, 10 K/min heating rate, nitrogen atmosphere and Al crucibles.