The Concavus®® pan

The slightly concave bottom geometry of the Concavus®® pan always creates a precisely defined contact surface between the sample, pan bottom and sensor, significantly increasing the reproducibility of the measurement results. The design of the Concavus®® pan improves the reproducibility of all DSC measurements; it can therefore be used for the DSC 3500 Sirius, DSC 204 F1 Phoenix®® and other heat-flux DSCs available on the market.

The 3in1 Box

It comes exclusively with the new Concavus®® pan by NETZSCH. It offers comprehensive protection during transport and storage, allows for easy withdrawal and features a unique archiving system.


A unique approach in the packaging of sample pans now allows for a more efficient process during sample preparation. 

The new 3in1 Box contains 96 crucibles or lids, neatly sorted in an anti-static plastic box. This pre-sorted arrangement and the anti-static material allows for individual pans and lids to be easily withdrawn from the box. An added feature is the “Sample Identification Card” included in the box which allows for the documentation of samples and measurement results. The compact 3in1 Box is thus an easy-to-handle storage unit for pans and lids with additional benefits in both transport and archiving.