11.08.2020 by Dr. Shona Marsh

Watch Now! Free Rheology Webinars

If you missed out on any of our recent rheology webinars, the good news is that you can now watch them all for free!

Over the past few months we have been offering a variety of rheology webinars with topics ranging from basic introductions through to specific discussions on sample types (such as dispersions) and measurements (such as curing and tack testing).
If you missed out on any of these webinars, the good news is that you have access to watch these now for free. You can catch up on;

  • Part 1: Basics of Viscosity
  • Part 2: Basics of Viscoelasticity
  • Introduction to Capillary Rheometry and its Common Applications
  • Using a Rheometer to Simplify Tack Testing
  • The Rheology of Dispersions
  • Introducing Curing Measurements on a Rheometer
  • Rheology of Lotions and Emulsions
  • Rheology of Battery Slurries

To watch any of these just click below and select the webinar of your choice: