Heat-Wait-Search (HWS)

Heat-Wait-Search is a measurement mode used in calorimeter devices according to accelerating rate calorimetry (Адиабатическая реакционная калориметрия (ARC)The method describing isothermal and adiabatic test procedures used to detect thermally exothermic decomposition reactions.ARC®).

HWS is the term for a sequence that heats the sample to a distinct temperature (heat), allows thermal stabilization of the system (wait) and finally detects (search) if there is an increase in the sample temperature detected which is caused by the ExothermicA sample transition or a reaction is exothermic if heat is generated.exothermic decomposition reaction of the sample. In case an exothermic self-heating is detected, the calorimeter device changes its mode from HWS to adiabatic.