13.10.2021 by Dr. Shona Marsh

Rheology research on biodegradable polymer blends

Learn about Rheological analysis of heat labile polymer blends using our Kinexus rheometer.

A new paper has just been published using the Kinexus rheometer to study the miscibility of biodegradable polymer blends.

Biodegradable polymers have become very prevalent in recent years and many efforts have been made to develop biodegradable alternatives for disposable plastics to make a greener future for the next generations. In an approach to improve the properties of these polymers, attempts have been made to blend them together.

Rheology was selected to assess the miscibility of these highly crystalline polymers. The rheology data obtained also gave insightful information about the thermal degradation rates, enabling a better understanding of the processing conditions of these blends.

You can get access to the paper and read more about it here.