22.06.2022 by Aileen Sammler

60 Years of NETZSCH-Geraetebau: The Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR) in Use at infraTest

Learn, how infraTest uses the Kinexus DSR Rheometer in the asphalt and bitumen industry.

We go on celebrating 60 years of NETZSCH Analysing & Testing. June is all about our rheometers! Read today, how the Kinexus DSR Rheometer is used for groundbreaking tests on modified binders and standard bitumen in the bitumen industry.

The collaboration between infraTest and NETZSCH – during the earlier period still between Malvern Panalytical / Bohlin and NETZSCH – has already existed for 14 years. And with the acquisition of the Malvern rheology division by NETZSCH in 2020, the strategic partnership with infraTest Prüftechnik was successfully continued. Since then, infraTest has been responsible for the exclusive sales, service and calibration of the Kinexus DSR for the asphalt and bitumen industry in the German-speaking region of Europe and serves customers on a project-specific basis in most industrial countries, particularly in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

infraTest Prüftechnik GmbH was founded in 1991 in Löchgau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Along with testing equipment for asphalt/bitumen, testing equipment for the entire building materials sector (e.g., concrete, cement, soils) has also been developed and manufactured there. This ranges from standard test instruments to complex dynamic large-scale systems and turn-key laboratory system solutions.

Our first joint appearance took place at the German Asphalt Days in Berchtesgaden (Deutschen Asphalttagen Berchtesgaden) from February 12 to 14, 2020. Further joint appearances at trade shows and webinars followed.

Photo: NETZSCH rheology specialist, Torsten Remmler, introduces the Kinexus DSR at the infraTest in-house exhibition in May 2022

In the bitumen industry, the Kinexus DSR Rheometer is used for groundbreaking tests on modified binders and standard bitumen for:

The NETZSCH DSR rheometers meet the requirements of the current FGSV working instructions and support many industrial norms and standards. infraTest offers a variety of further bitumen testing technologies, as illustrated in the following graphic

Figure: Customers can measure in accordance with all important standards in the DSR market

Watch the short video, detailing the advanced Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR) for bitumen testing here:

동영상을 시청하시려면 마케팅 쿠키 사용에 동의해주십시오.


The asphalt analyzers by infraTest are explicitly suitable for the extraction of bitumen – either in the simplest version of the “YOU! asphalt analyzer” or in the high-tech version of the “PURE asphalt analyzer”. All models can be directly connected to the rotary evaporator so that users can take out the extracted bitumen for further investigations with the DSR in a health-conscious way.

On customer request, infraTest offers the possibility of a test segment in the form of a test island:


“We really love working with NETZSCH, especially because of the good communication. Together, we always find solutions. It’s great to have a partnership where both parties support each other. The DSR is an excellent product that fits perfectly with our in-house productions, particularly because of the high quality. Another factor is that NETZSCH is not that far away from us, since regionalism is an important issue for us. [MDS1] Accordingly, we are proud to have a high-tech company like NETZSCH in our southern Germany neighborhood and wish them the best for their 60th anniversary celebration this year. We are also celebrating our own 30th anniversary this year, so together we can look back on 90 years of combined expertise”, reports Matthias Martus, Managing Director of infraTest Prüftechnik.

Many thanks to infraTest! We are looking forward to continuing our successful collaboration in the years to come!