Thermal Analysis and Rheology in Polymer Additive Manufacturing

Version 1 (2023)

Discover the secrets behind AM's game-changing capabilities! Our newly released ebook delves deep into the heart of AM, unveiling the power of reliable material characterization techniques, specifically thermal analysis and rheology.

What's inside?

  • Explore various thermal analysis methods like DSC, TGA, TMA, LFA, and DMA
  • Dive into the world of rheology with Rotational and Oscillation Rheometry and Capillary Rheometry
  • Learn how these techniques shape the behavior of materials in AM processes like Powder Bed Fusion, Material Extrusion, Vat Photopolymerization, and more

Who should read it?

If you're in the fields of AM, materials science, or engineering, this book is your guide to gaining insights into how material characterization - namely thermal analysis and rheology -  influence the quality and performance of AM-produced parts.

Keep Growing!

This guide is a dynamic resource, evolving with new studies. Stay tuned for updates or join our community of contributors to enrich this compendium.

A Big Thank You!

We extend our gratitude to our expert contributors who have enriched this book with their insights. Together, we're advancing the exciting world of Additive Manufacturing!

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