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From raw materials to end products, thermal and rheological characterization is fundamental. Choosing suitable materials, selecting the right substance properties, defining and optimizing manufacturing processes, controlling the quality of the products - all this is supported by information collected by means of material characterization.

Discover the fascinating world of Thermal Analysis and Rheology.

NETZSCH thermoanalytical and rheological instruments serve for the characterization and determination of physicochemical properties of materials from the life sciences field. These may include melting/crystallization and PolymorphismPolymorphism is the ability of a solid material to form different crystalline structures (synonyms:  forms, modifications).polymorphism, Temperatura de Transição VítreaThe glass transition is one of the most important properties of amorphous and semi-crystalline materials, e.g., inorganic glasses, amorphous metals, polymers, pharmaceuticals and food ingredients, etc., and describes the temperature region where the mechanical properties of the materials change from hard and brittle to more soft, deformable or transition temperature, the compatibility of components in a formulation, eutectic purity, Thermal StabilityA material is thermally stable if it does not decompose under the influence of temperature. One way to determine the thermal stability of a substance is to use a TGA (thermogravimetric analyzer). thermal stability, viscosity, residual solvent content, thermomechanical behavior, and safety assessment.

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Dr. Gabriele Kaiser

With our analytical solutions, we empower you to innovate and to create high-quality products in the life sciences field.
A deep understanding of the properties and behavior of substances, compounds and formulations is fundamental for successful material development and processing. Such knowledge makes it possible to decide what to do with a specific material – as well as what to refrain from doing. Thermal Analysis, Adiabatic Calorimetry and Rheometry by NETZSCH effectively support the entire process chain - from research through scale-up and engineering to quality control.“

Dr. Gabriele Kaiser

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