27.01.2021 by Milena Riedl, Dr. Natalie Rudolph

Sheet Lamination: Material Science in Additive Manufacturing

Whole layers are generated of cut sheet material layers, which are bonded together before cutting them into the desired shape. We introduce the process principle, benefits and applications of the Additive Manufacturing technology Sheet Lamination.

In this process, whole layers are generated of cut sheet material layers, which were bonded together before cutting them into the desired shape. Typically, the sheets are regular paper and high-DensityThe mass density is defined as the ratio between mass and volume. density water based adhesives are used to bond the sheets together. While different variations of the process have emerged, this type of Sheet Lamination is still the most dominant process today and is often used to make colored parts.

What is Sheet Lamination?

An Additive Manufacturing process in which sheets of material are bonded to form an object (ASTM F42 Committee).

Process Principle of Sheet Lamination (LOM)

We introduce the process principle of the Additive Manufacturing technology Sheet Lamination by looking at a schematic as well as a video of the process.

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Benefits and Applications of Sheet Lamination and its Variations CBAM and SLCOM

In this video, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of Sheet Lamination. Furthermore, we dive into applications of the Additive Manufacturing technology as well as its variations using fiber-reinforced sheets (CBAM and SLCOM) to produce composite parts.

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