16.01.2023 by Aileen Sammler

Polymer Rheology and Molecular Mass

Extrusion, injection molding and compression molding are all processes reliant upon a material’s viscosity, i.e., its resistance to flow. It should be pointed out that the viscosity influences the processing as well as the mechanical properties of the final product. In particular, molecular mass and viscosity are closely connected. 

In this study, we classified three different PEEK materials according to their molecular mass using oscillation measurements by using the new Kinexus Prime Ultra + rotational rheometer.

Figure: Broad Application Field by means of NETZSCH rheometer product portfolio

Did you know? 

The integrated HTC Prime cartridge now allows for temperatures to 450°C. In addition to applications in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, paint or battery sector, the new Kinexus Prime rheometer is therefore ideal for use in the plastics industry.

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