28.05.2024 by Aileen Sammler

Quality Assurance in the Production of Technical Ceramics

Technical ceramics offer many benefits. In order for them to be reliably used, the quality of the materials must be tested. CeramTec has relied on NETZSCH’s expertise in this for many years − whether in development projects, in the manufacturing process or in series production, NETZSCH analyzers are in constant use.

CeramTec's Innovation and Technology Section continuously researches and develops materials and manufacturing processes for new products. The Tape and Substrate Applications Department is focused on the development of new ceramic substrates and their optimization.

One successful example: The new AIN HP (Aluminum Nitride High Performance) offers significantly higher flexural strength than other substrate materials while maintaining its thermal properties. It is particularly suitable for continuous loading in power modules and is used in power generation and distribution, vehicle electrification and power converters in rail vehicle construction. 

When it comes to measuring thermal properties, the team relies on the expertise of NETZSCH. Consistently positive experiences, the proximity of the locations and the excellent service have led to the use of more and more NETZSCH measurement technology.

Read the following customer success story to learn how NETZSCH analysis instruments contribute to successful research and development at CeramTec.

NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing's Role in Customer Successes

Get to know the diverse applications of our instruments, from thermal analysis and rheology to fire testing.

Witness firsthand the satisfaction of our customers and understand why NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing remains a trusted, reliable partner for its customers, driving them towards excellence. 

What challenges did these companies face before choosing NETZSCH? What issues were they dealing to address with our solutions? And how have our instruments helped them tackle their specific challenges in research, quality control, development or production? 

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