Our analytical instruments serve to characterize thermal effects and determine materials data such as the melting/CrystallizationCrystallization is the physical process of hardening during the formation and growth of crystals. During this process, heat of crystallization is released.crystallization of thermoplastics, Glass Transition TemperatureThe glass transition is one of the most important properties of amorphous and semi-crystalline materials, e.g., inorganic glasses, amorphous metals, polymers, pharmaceuticals and food ingredients, etc., and describes the temperature region where the mechanical properties of the materials change from hard and brittle to more soft, deformable or transition temperature, thermal stability, composition of rubber mixtures, curing behavior of thermosetting materials, and E modulus values of anisotropic composites.

Polymers can generally be divided into three main groups: thermoplastics, elastomers and thermosets. Their thermal properties can be determined with our thermoanalytical measuring systems in the areas of product development, quality assurance, failure analysis and process optimization.

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