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At the NETZSCH Future Days 2023, experts from different application areas will come together to take a look into the future. We will discuss the following topics:

  • Focus on FT-IR
  • Focus on Energy Solutions
  • Focus on Batteries
  • Focus on Simulation in Polymer Processing
  • Focus on Life Sciences

This compact virtual conference, spread over five one-hour sessions, has been conceived for material scientists and engineers who feel driven to deepen their knowledge in current material-related topics. We are aiming to connect like-minded scientists with a view to facing future challenges together. 

NETZSCH Energy Solutions

Batteries - Characterization & Process Technologies

The NETZSCH Group provides total solutions for battery applications, from grinding and dispersing of battery materials to stability, charging and discharging efficiency and even recycling.

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NETZSCH products cover a wide range of different methods. Find the solution for your needs.

Find out more about our brand new DSC Caliris® Supreme & Select. Get to know our new Valve Box for GC-MS Coupling. Increased temperature for FT-IR coupling interface. Our new rheology instruments with pVT cabability for capillary rheology and temperatures up to 450°C for rotatational rheology. 

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High-performance analytical instruments by NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing allow for comprehensive analysis of the thermal properties of a great variety of materials. We help you select the appropriate one for you.

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