STA 509 Jupiter® classic, Select and Supreme

STA 509 Jupiter® Series 

Outstanding Performance Coupled with Cutting-Edge Design: The STA 509 Series

Introducing our range of carefully tailored Simultaneous Thermal Analyzers, each designed to meet different customer needs:
 The STA 509 Jupiter® Classic, Select and Supreme 

  • The STA 509 Jupiter® Series increases productivity with an integrated color display to start pre-programmed measurements. Its LED light bar displays instrument status using color-coded indicators to allow monitoring of instrument status without a PC.
  • The STA 509 Jupiter®’s modular design, with interchangeable furnaces and sensors, adapts to different applications with temperatures ranging from -150°C to 2400°C, providing versatility for both industrial and academic needs.
  • The vacuum-tight design and meticulous gas flow control enable precise handling of high purity atmospheres, including inert, oxidizing, reducing, and corrosive gases. The top-loading, electronically compensated setup provides optimal performance and ease of use, making it the ideal choice for flexible analytical systems and evolved gas analysis.
  • The integration of a nanogram balance and high-performance heat flux DSC ensures exceptional accuracy with minimal drift and unparalleled flexibility for handling high sample loads.
  • Electronic heat stabilization and Eco Mode improve efficiency and ensure peak performance while significantly reducing energy and gas consumption, resulting in sustainability and significant savings.
  • A variety of sample holders expand the range of applications. Integrating evolved gas analysis with MS, FT-IR, or GC-MS further enhances the analytical capabilities of the STA 509 Jupiter®.

and many more fantastic features.

  • STA 509 Jupiter® Select

    Taylored to Your Needs

    • -150 to 2400°C
    • Choice of 12 different furnaces
    • Balance resolution: 0.1 μg
    • Optional 20-position ASC or 2nd furnace
  • STA 509 Jupiter® Supreme

    Instrument for Highest Performance

    • -150°C to 2000°C
    • Choice of 9 different furnaces
    • Balance resolution: 0.025 μg
    • Optional 20-position ASC or 2nd furnace
  • H₂Secure

    Safe Examination of Materials Under Hydrogen

    • Accessory for STA 509 Jupiter® series
    • Retrofittable for STA 449 Jupiter® series

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Join our experts as we present our 2 day workshops on solving complex material characterization problems:

  • Mastering rheology, thermal analysis and other complimentary technologies as invaluable tools to gain insight into your material‘s behavior
  • Specific topics in each location
  • Agenda tailored on your needs and feedback
  • Live demonstrations with interpretation of results
  • Practical presentations and discussions from academic and industrial experts
  • Social and networking evening activities
  • Certificate of completion for professional development credits

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