Thermogravimetric Analysis / Thermogravimetry

What is Thermogravimetry?

Thermogravimetric analysis is a method of thermal analysis in which the mass of a sample is measured over time as the temperature changes. This measurement provides information about physical phenomena, such as Phase TransitionsThe term phase transition (or phase change) is most commonly used to describe transitions between the solid, liquid and gaseous states.phase transitions, absorption and desorption; as well as chemical phenomena including thermal Decomposition reactionA decomposition reaction is a thermally induced reaction of a chemical compound forming solid and/or gaseous products. decomposition, and Solid-Gas ReactionsSolid-gas reactions are a type of heterogeneous solid-state reaction occurring when a reactive solid is exposed to a stream of reactive gas. Typical examples of solid-gas reactions are sorption and corrosion of metals.solid-gas reactions (e.g., OxidationOxidation can describe different processes in the context of thermal analysis.oxidation or reduction).


NETZSCH instruments for thermogravimetry have a compact design and are equipped with high-resolution balance systems. The top-loading sample arrangement allows for easy operation and measurement of the temperature directly at the sample.

Almost all NETZSCH thermobalances are vacuum-tight and allow for measurement of mass changes under defined atmospheres. The optional c-DTA® signal additionally yields information on ExothermicA sample transition or a reaction is exothermic if heat is generated.exothermal and endothermal processes in the sample, even if they are not related to a mass change.

Heated coupling adapters for gas analysis systems such as QMS, FTIR or GC-MS can be added on to many thermobalances. The thermogravimetric analyzers of the 400 series can be equipped with DSC and/or DTA sample carriers at any time in order to form full-fledged TGA-DSC or TGA-DTA instruments (STA).

NETZSCH thermobalances meet respective instrument and applications standards, including ISO 11358, ISO/DIS 9924, ASTM E1131, ASTM D3850, DIN 51006.

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