Thermogravimetric Analysis / Thermogravimetry

NETZSCH instruments for thermogravimetry have a compact design and are equipped with high-resolution balance systems. The top-loading sample arrangement allows for easy operation and measurement of the temperature directly at the sample.

Almost all NETZSCH thermobalances are vacuum-tight and allow for measurement of mass changes under defined atmospheres. The optional c-DTA® signal additionally yields information on ExothermicA sample transition or a reaction is exothermic if heat is generated.exothermal and endothermal processes in the sample, even if they are not related to a mass change.

Heated coupling adapters for gas analysis systems such as QMS, FTIR or GC-MS can be added on to many thermobalances. The thermogravimetric analyzers of the 400 series can be equipped with DSC and/or DTA sample carriers at any time in order to form full-fledged TGA-DSC or TGA-DTA instruments (STA).

NETZSCH thermobalances meet respective instrument and applications standards, including ISO 11358, ISO/DIS 9924, ASTM E1131, ASTM D3850, DIN 51006.