NETZSCH – Proven Excellence

Not Just a Claim, but a Promise and an Obligation to Perform At the Same Time

Proven Excellence - more than just a claim! NETZSCH has been using this slogan worldwide since 2019. It expresses what we have set ourselves and what we have promised you, our customers, for the future. Below you can read how you can benefit from it. 

To us, these two words are both a promise and an obligation to perform. We want to and will always provide excellent services in all areas to inspire you. We have proven that we can do this throughout our 140-year company history.

We live Proven Excellence at NETZSCH

The Proven Excellence Award is a recognition for employees and teams who are particularly committed to the goals and values of the company. A distinction is made between the categories People, Innovation and Operation.

However, it is not just a claim. It is the promise of our family-owned company in its fifth generation, both internally and externally: The promise to assume social responsibility at our company locations worldwide, act in an environmentally conscious manner and be committed to the common good. All this without losing sight of the consistent implementation of quality and reliability. Customer satisfaction is our top priority: The promise to create economically and technically effective solutions with the highest customer benefit with highly motivated employees, comprehensive application knowledge, detailed industry expertise and innovative strength. The promise to you to be your responsible and reliable partner with excellent products, services and solutions, who in close dialogue establishes sustainable business relationships that contribute to increasing mutual benefits. Together we are on the way to excellence.

Our corporate values at NETZSCH

The promise to our employees to live the NETZSCH family values: We treat each other with tolerance, respect and mutual appreciation.

We see diversity as an opportunity and rely on trusting cooperation. We communicate openly and promote dialogue. The promise to establish NETZSCH as a pacemaker in the utilisation of new technologies through foresight, perseverance, will and our ability to change, and to take you with us on this path to excellence.

Proven Excellence: Performance promise and performance commitment

Proven Excellence is more than just a claim and has an impact both externally and internally. It is the goal and benchmark for the quality of our work, our processes, our company as a whole. We want to and will provide excellent performance in all areas. You can rely on NETZSCH!

Become part of our company and find your individual way to excellence!