26.06.2024 by Aileen Sammler

From Odor Control to Optimizing Oil Recovery: How NETZSCH rheometers can help

A field report by Andrew Howe on innovative odor control and oil recovery optimization using NETZSCH Kinexus rheometers.

Andrew Howe is an industrial colloid/formulation/soft-matter scientist who has been working with NETZSCH rheometers, and their direct predecessors Malvern and Bohlin, since 1988. 

Today, Andrew works at Aqdot, a company that originated in the University of Cambridge in 2013. Aqdot is commercialising a supramolecular chemistry technology via cucurbiturils (or “CBs”), macrocyclic molecules that are uniquely effective supramolecular “hosts”.  CBs bind non-covalently a wide variety of “guests”, particularly hydrophobic, acidic, basic and cationic moieties. Much academic work has been carried out on the CB homologues (CB[6], CB[7], and CB[8]) but materials have only been available on the gram scale. Aqdot has scaled manufacturing of CBs to multi-tonne scale. and the immediate large-scale market for this material is to remove unpleasant odors and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). 

In another study, Andrew investigated polymer enhanced oil recovery. A series of papers were published on the unusual flow behavior of aqueous solutions of very high MW polymers in porous media.

NETZSCH rheometers provided unique insights into both areas of research.

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