webinar series

Everything pharmaceutical scientists need to know about solid form characterization

With practicing Experts at NETZSCH & Malvern Panalytical 

Join this three-part webinar series to learn about solid form selection and characterization from practicing experts at NETZSCH and Malvern Panalytical. We will use real-life case studies to show you the analytical techniques that make active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) candidate selection process more productive.

Why is solid form selection & characterization important?

As drug molecules become increasingly complex, solid form characterization can provide drug development scientists with the insights they need to accelerate the development of new pharmaceutical products. In this series you will see how solid form analysis provides deep insight into your APIs physico-chemical behavior, allowing you to filter out less stable forms and arrive at the end of the process with one well understood substance, suited for further development. You will also discover how our comprehensive range of products and services can help you get new products to market faster while de-risking the process.

    You missed Part 1?

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