30.06.2022 by Aileen Sammler

60 Years of NETZSCH-Geraetebau: The Kinexus Rheometer – A workhorse plowing across a field of technical needs

Rheology in daily life! Mark Patrick, PhD, founder of Rheology Testing Services, USA talks about the successful usage of the NETZSCH Kinexus Rheometer.

Mark Patrick, PhD, founder of Rheology Testing Services

Mark Patrick, PhD, founder of Rheology Testing Services, Chapel Hill, NC, USA talks about the successful usage of the NETZSCH Kinexus Rheometer:

“Over the years that Rheology Testing Services (RTS) has operated, the Kinexus has proven to be a highly reliable and versatile instrument, truly a workhorse facilitating RTS to meet the needs of academic and industrial R&D and manufacturing clients. At RTS, the Kinexus is used day-in and day-out to determine rheological properties and provide insight for technical trouble-shooting by applying a broad range of rotational, oscillatory and vertical (adhesion/cohesion and surface tension) assay parameters for materials such as agricultural and mining wastes, food products, polymeric mixtures and films, pharmaceutical formations and engineered materials. The technical support provided for the Kinexus for nearly 10 years has been outstanding.

Picture: How Rheology can help in daily life (Copyright: RTS)

As founder of Rheology Testing Services, I am thankful for the ability of the Kinexus to consistently generate quality results and highly recommend it to others.  It has facilitated the company’s mission of “Doing the Appropriate Science, To Answer the Questions, To Drive the Project, To Meet the Business Needs.”

Pictures: Copyright RTS

Many thanks to Mark for this insight! Find more information about the Kinexus rheometer on our website.

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