26.10.2023 by Aileen Sammler

NETZSCH Application Laboratories: The New Image Video

The NETZSCH Applications Laboratories are an experienced partner for thermal analysis issues. 

The NETZSCH Application Laboratories are an experienced partner for all questions related to thermal analysis. Within the realm of thermal analysis, accelerating rate calorimetry (Calorimétrie Adiabatique de Réaction (ARC)The method describing isothermal and adiabatic test procedures used to detect thermally exothermic decomposition reactions.ARC®), rheology and the measurement of thermophysical properties, we offer a comprehensive line of the most diverse analysis techniques for the characterization of materials (solids, powders and liquids). Measurements can be carried out on samples of the most varied of geometries and configurations.

Analysis Methods for Your Material

•       Accelerating Rate Calorimetry (ARC®/MMC)

•       Dielectric Analysis (DEA)

•       Dilatometry (DIL)

•       Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

•       Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)

•       Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA)

•       Kinetics (model-free & model-based)

•       Laser/Light Flash Methods (LFA)

•       Rotational and Capillary Rheometry

•       Seebeck Coefficient (SBA)

•       Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (STA)

•       Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA)

•       Thermogravimetry (TGA)

•       Heat Flow Meter (HFM) and Guarded Hot Plate (GHP)


We proudly present our new image video!

Get an overview of our contract testing services for applications in the low- and high-temperature range from -180°C to 2800°C in accordance with standards such as ASTM, DIN or ISO!

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Visit our website to get a detailed overview of our methods, temperature ranges and the recordable information: Contract Testing - NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing

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