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NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing: Your Partner for Precision and Reliability in Regulated Industries

When it comes to analysis and testing, precision isn't just an ideal – it's a necessity. At NETZSCH, we understand that our customers in regulated sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food technology, and materials science rely on devices that are not only precise but also compliant with the strictest standards. Our services are tailored to meet and exceed these requirements.

Comprehensive Service-Level Agreements

Our maintenance contracts are specifically designed to ensure the performance and reliability of your NETZSCH instruments. Through regular maintenance and calibrations by our trained professionals, we ensure that your devices consistently meet current technical standards.

Service in Regulated Areas at NETZSCH: 
Customer Benefit in Focus

  1. Expert Support
    Our service personnel are specially trained to operate in regulated areas such as pharmaceuticals, food technology, and medical technology. We ensure that our technicians are familiar not only with the equipment but also with the regulatory requirements of our customers.
  2. Compliance and Certification
    We help our customers operate their equipment in compliance with applicable standards and regulations. This includes providing necessary documentation and conducting qualifications (IQ/OQ/PQ) to ensure complete compliance.
  3. Preventive Maintenance
    Our maintenance contracts offer preventive services that help minimize downtime and keep equipment in optimal condition. This is especially important in regulated areas where equipment failures can lead to significant issues.
  4. Quick and Efficient Problem Resolution
    In the event of equipment failure, our service contracts guarantee a prompt response. Our customers benefit from a direct service network and experienced technicians who can quickly be on-site to provide efficient problem resolution.


NETZSCH - Proven Excellence

Service in regulated areas is a critical aspect for many of our customers. NETZSCH understands the importance of reliable and compliant equipment. Our goal is to support our customers' operations through excellent service and create real added value. Trust NETZSCH to ensure the performance and compliance of your equipment.

In a regulated environment (GMP, GLP, etc.), it is especially important that your measurement systems always function perfectly and comply with all legal requirements. For efficient support, we have put together specific tailor-made service packages for the chemical and pharmaceutical fields, which provide additional features above and beyond our standard maintenance contracts.

  • Qualification of measurement results (for example for DSC, TGA, STA systems and Kinexus and Rosand rheometers, others upon request)
  • Software validation
  • Calibration service including calibration certificates
  • Requalifications
  • Support in establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for new or existing measuring systems


Furthermore, NETZSCH supports its customers in meeting regulatory requirements through the following measures:

  1. Software Extensions for Regulated Areas: 
    NETZSCH offers Proteus® Protect and rSpace software extensions for various equipment that meet the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11. These software extensions include features like access control, user management, audit trails, activity control, and electronic signatures to ensure data integrity and regulatory compliance.
  2. Support with Documentation: 
    NETZSCH provides technical documentation for the full validation of laboratory equipment and software, specifically Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification.

These services are designed to support NETZSCH customers in regulated areas, such as the pharmaceutical industry, and to ensure that their equipment and processes comply with applicable regulations.

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