08.08.2023 by Aileen Sammler

Do PVC Floorings Have an Impact on Our health?

Nowadays, PVC floor is widely used due to its durability and versatility. But have you ever wondered if the material could have an impact on your health?

During the production of PVC, phthalates are often added to increase the flexibility of the material. However, these phthalates can out-gas from the material and released into the surrounding air. Some studies have shown that these gases can cause health problems. These include headaches, hormone disruption, and respiratory problems.

Understanding the thermal behavior of PVC floor coverings is therefore essential for their optimal performance, safety and lifespan. Thermal analysis methods provide valuable insights into the thermal properties. The additional coupling of a gas analyzer to thermal analyzers allow for the characterization not only of the thermal behavior, but also of the emission profile of PVC flooring. By analyzing the gases during thermal treatment, it is possible to identify the outgassing of toxic or harmful substances during heating that can affect indoor air quality and human health.

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30 Years of Thermal Analysis and FT-IR

The combination of thermal analysis and FT-IR (Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy) is a well-established investigative method in the polymer-producing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Since 1993, a collaboration has existed between NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH and the spectrometer manufacturer Bruker Optics GmbH & Co. KG. Both companies have been working together continuously for 30 years, striving to further develop and enhance their products and solutions, as well as the coupling of both instrument technologies.

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