21.01.2021 by Milena Riedl

sensXPERT® Was Presented the NETZSCH Proven Excellence Award

sensXPERT® takes intelligent manufacturing of plastics and fiber-reinforced polymer composites to a new level and allows a 100% component qualification during production. The team behind sensXPERT® was awarded the NETZSCH Proven Excellence award in the area of “Excellence in Innovation”. Read more!

Employees from various departments at NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH, software developers from the Krakow branch and the digital unit NEDGEX were awarded the Proven Excellence Award in the area of “Excellence in Innovation” for the development of the product sensXPERT®.

Proven Excellence is both a performance promise and performance obligation in one. This applies both externally and within the company. Excellent product quality can only be achieved through the excellent performance of all who work at NETZSCH. To make excellent work visible, nine Proven Excellence awards are awarded every year. They honor NETZSCH staff members who have shown outstanding performance when it comes to new innovations, operation improvements or personal commitment. This provides a platform for excellent performance and ensures that it is getting recognized.

What is sensXPERT®? 

sensXPERT® takes intelligent manufacturing of plastics and fiber-reinforced polymer composites to a new level. The combination of production equipment, intelligent molds with NETZSCH sensors and the sensXPERT® cloud application enables 100% component qualification already during production and reduces bottlenecks that result from downstream quality inspection. In addition, sensXPERT® intervenes in the process with regard to dynamic cycle times, so that the measurement of crucial material data decides whether a component is fully cured or still has to remain in the hot mold. Learn more about sensXPERT® here: www.sensxpert.com and read about our cooperation with AIRBUS!

The award was presented to the team behind the product because of its focus on the efficient implementation of new solutions based on actual customer requirements. It thus ensures the growth and further development of the company with regard to new technologies, products and business models.

Comments on the Proven Excellence Award for sensXPERT® 

Dr. Thomas Denner

„The sensXPERT® team has worked tirelessly this year on their common goal: to take dielectric analysis to a new level. Simultaneously with the development, a lot of new knowledge was built up in our business unit, e.g., cloud computing, industrial interfaces, machine learning, which will also find application in further technologies and products of the Analyzing & Testing business unit.“

Dr. Thomas Denner

„The team is just as important as the idea. Each member of this team has evolved and learned a lot over the past year. We’ve had to deal with a lot of setbacks and obstacles this year, but despite that, the team has always stuck together and believed in the product. They’ve done incredible things.“

Christian Baier
Managing Director NEDGEX

„We entered 2020 and the sensXPERT® project with a clear goal in mind. Although it was not yet clear to us how we were going to achieve it, we did a great job! We grew together as a team and managed to identify with the new sensXPERT® brand. This year has put some obstacles in our way, but the fact that our partners are still on board despite setbacks and obstacles also shows us that they also believe in the product and are ready to join sensXPERT® on the road to digitalization in the production of plastics.“

Dr. Alexander Chaloupka
Product Owner sensXPERT®

„I still remember well my first day at NETZSCH, when I saw the instruments and sensors for the first time. Alex and Marco asked me, “Jiggy, is it possible to incorporate AI into our products? Can we do this?” And look where we are today! We’ve made it happen. Thank you for letting me be part of this great journey and sharing this positive and enriching experience. I know one thing and that is that with this team, we can accomplish anything.“

Jigyasa Sakhuja