22.11.2021 by Aileen Sammler

Separating Overlapping Effects in Analytical Measurement Curves

One of the advanced features within the Proteus® software is the PeakSeparation function. It is used to separate super-imposed peaks in thermal analysis curves and accurately determine individual peak areas. Learn more watching our latest webinar.

Nowadays, software is one of the most important aids in the preparation, execution and evaluation of thermal analysis experiments. The NETZSCH Proteus® software is easy to operate and contains all of the instrument-specific settings, control operations, data storage options and evaluation routines in a single package. Today, we are going to present PeakSeparation, an advanced Proteus® software extension: If your experimental curve looks very complex with several maxima and seems to contain multiple overlapping peaks, then PeakSeparation can help separate these peaks and analyze each peak individually.

PeakSeparation for Accurately Determining Individual Peak Areas

Peak separation can be applied to thermoanalytical measurements such as DSC/DTA curves, TGA and DIL curves, IR traces and MS curves. With PeakSeparation, each peak is analyzed individually and peak parameters such as shape type (Frazer-Suzuki, Gauss, Cauchy, Laplace etc.), position of peak (temperature), height, width and area (e. g., enthalpy of the DSC peak) are reported.

In our latest webinar, presented by Dr. Stefan Schmölzer, our applications laboratory expert, you will learn about:

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PeakSeparation is a useful tool for interpreting thermal analysis curves, such as those obtained from thermoanalytical measurements, to gain additional information. It is optionally available in Proteus®® 8.0.3.

The new Proteus® 8.0.3 version is available as a free download for all existing Proteus® 8.0/8.0.1/8.0.2 customers. Proteus® 8.0.3 includes many improvements and functional extensions. Ask your representative about the possibility to update your instrument with the latest software and keep your instrument up-to-date.

To learn more about Proteus® software and its advanced functions, visit our website: Proteus® – NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing (NETZSCH-thermal-analysis.com)