Features of the TG 209 F3 Nevio: 

SmartMode – You don't need to be an expert to carry out successful TGA runs

The simplified SmartMode user interface is specifically useful for routine tasks. To start a measurement, all one needs to do is call up the corresponding measurement method and type in the sample-specific information such as sample name and sample mass. If AutoEvaluation (optional) is part of the measurement method, an automatic evaluation of the TGA curve will follow.

c-DTA® signal for monitoring EndothermicA sample transition or a reaction is endothermic if heat is needed for the conversion.endothermic and ExothermicA sample transition or a reaction is exothermic if heat is generated.exothermic effects

The sample thermocouple of the TG 209 F3 Nevio is in direct contact with the sample crucible and therefore able to detect temperature changes inside the sample. This is the prerequisite for calculating the c-DTA® signal, which can also be used for temperature calibration.

Tool-free mounting and dismounting of sample carriers

Depending on the application, various sample carrier types are available. Any of these sample carriers can be changed out by the user in less than one minute.

Robust and reliable thermobalance

The top-loading balance design ensures measurement conditions with very low drift behavior across the entire temperature range from room temperature to 1000°C.

Robust top-loading balance arrangement

Easy accessibility to the sample and crucible as well as the ability to disconnect the sample carrier from the balance during loading or unloading of the sample are only two examples of how safe handling and maximum usability are ensured.

Filter system for trapping Decomposition reactionA decomposition reaction is a thermally induced reaction of a chemical compound forming solid and/or gaseous products. decomposition products

For maximum safety, the thermobalance is (optionally) equipped with a large filter system, which traps the Decomposition reactionA decomposition reaction is a thermally induced reaction of a chemical compound forming solid and/or gaseous products. decomposition products that are released by the samples.

The automatic sample changer (ASC) makes routine work easy

With the optional automatic sample changer, up to 19 samples can be measured at one go, even if each sample has its own temperature program. In addition, the sample measurements can be evaluated automatically – if this is included in the methods.

The Proteus® Protect software meets the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11.

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Technical Data

Temperature range (max.)
RT to 1000°C
Measuring range
2000 mg*
Max. cooling rate/max. heating rate:
100 K/min / 200 K/min

Enthalpy accuracy:

TGA resolution:
0.1 μg

Indium Response Ratio:

Exchangeable sensors:

Cooling options:

Gas atmospheres:
Inert, oxidizing, static and dynamic

Mass flow controller for purge/protective gas:
Optional, 3 (0 to 250 ml/min) 3, integrated (0 to 250 ml/min)

Gas flow regulation:
With MFCs: software-controlled

Automatic Sample Changer (ASC):
Yes (optional)

min. Proteus® 8

Proteus® software extensions included:


Proteus® software extensions (optional):

Temperature modulation**
Proteus® Protect

Advanced Software extensions (optional):

Peak Separation
Kinetics Neo
Thermal Simulations

Size (W x H x D) – incl. ASC, without physical connections:
575 mm x 460 mm x 560 mm

* minus weight of crucible
** Not available in the USA.

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