06.04.2020 by Milena Riedl

Our Remote Service Offer

We have updated our service offer for you! Learn how the NETZSCH remote service will support you as quickly and helpful as usual.

How does remote service by NETZSCH work?

The annual calibration of your thermal analysis instruments as well as guided troubleshooting are now possible without a NETZSCH service technician on site. For this, we prefer to use the TeamViewer app. A link on our service website will help you download the application onto your computer. After the quick download of the tool, we support you via remote access and video support.  

With the TeamViewer Pilot app, we are also able to help you using modern augmented reality. See how it works here! 

In the US, our service technicians have successfully installed certain types of instruments remotely. Please contact your sales manager to find out if this is a solution for you! 

We adapt to your circumstances!

Contact us to find out which solution works for your service enquiry.  

For our European customers:  

Please visit our website or contact us at NGB-service@NETZSCH.com (for our thermal analysis instruments) or NGB-rheo-service@NETZSCH.com (for our rheology product portfolio). 

For our customers in the US: 

Visit our website, contact us via mail at nib-service‎@‎NETZSCH.com or via phone under (866-450-3300)


You can rely on NETZSCH!