19.04.2023 by Aileen Sammler

Introducing the New DMA 303 Eplexor® Dynamic-Mechanical Analyzer

When it comes to understanding the mechanical behavior and temperature-dependent properties of materials, it is essential to have the right tools available.  

That is why we are excited to introduce the DMA 303 Eplexor®: A highly precise and reliable dynamic-mechanical analysis instrument that can handle a wide range of material types and applications. Designed for intensive use in research and quality control laboratories, this DMA comes with a variety of sample holder options and cooling systems, making it ideal for determining the viscoelastic properties of your material.

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The New DMA 303 Eplexor® by NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing in Summary 
Highest Force and Widest Temperature Range Combined in a Single Tabletop DMA

Our material testing system is designed for precision measurements on a broad variety of specimens including even very stiff samples with a controlled force range of up to 50 N, both statically and dynamically. The full resolution is available throughout the entire force range, resulting in accurate and reliable data.

The temperature-controlled furnace features an unprecedented broad temperature range of -170°C to 800°C, allowing for homogenous heat distribution around the sample. In addition, the force displacement range of ±30 mm is perfect for static experiments including CreepCreep describes a time and temperature dependent plastic deformation under a constant force. When a constant force is applied to a rubber compound, the initial deformation obtained due to the application of the force is not fixed. The deformation will increase with time.creep and RelaxationWhen a constant strain is applied to a rubber compound, the force necessary to maintain that strain is not constant but decreases with time; this behavior is known as stress relaxation. The process responsible for stress relaxation can be physical or chemical, and under normal conditions, both will occur at the same time. relaxation.

With a frequency range of 0.001 Hz to 150 Hz and highest sensitivity with 1-nm resolution, you can detect even minute changes in the mechanical properties of your samples. Another standout feature of the DMA 303 is its wide amplitude range of ±2.5 mm, which is particularly advantageous for measurements beyond the linear-viscoelastic range.


Multiple Measuring Modes Available

But there’s more to it! With special accessories for multiple measuring modes and a large variety of tool-less installable sample holders, you can easily adjust the measuring mode to the material type you need to characterize. Choose between tension mode, 3-point-bending, compression/penetration, cantilever or shear mode. And the best is yet to come: The RFID* technology auto-detects the sample holder used and chooses the corresponding calibration for a seamless and hassle-free process.

*RFID: radio-frequency identification

Adapted to your needs: Sample holders for 3-point bending, tension, compression, cantilever and shear mode (from left to right)

The unique suspended sample holder design, in combination with height adjustment of the DMA 303 Eplexor® instrument, supports the best possible ergonomics at the workplace while protecting the sensitive measuring system from falling sample fragments.

Ergonomic: The New DMA 303 Eplexor®  is easily height adjustable – you decide whether to sit or stand while operating the DMA

New State-of-the-Art Proteus® Software 

With the quick-start functionality of the brand-new Proteus® DMA software, you can initialize new specimen grips directly from the start screen and automatically determine the sample length. The manual mode also allows for applying both static and dynamic loads to get a first impression of the specimen, saving time in the test process. Plus, you can launch templates for all types of measurements as well as your own pre-defined measurements or favorites directly from the home screen.

New Proteus® DMA Software

Gain Valuable Information with Dynamic-Mechanical Analysis

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis offers a wealth of information about your material:

Learn more about the DMA 303 Eplexor®

The DMA 303 Eplexor® by NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing is a powerful tool for anyone looking to better understand the mechanical behavior of materials. Its precise forces, wide temperature range, and advanced software combined with our excellent service and training offerings make it a standout choice in the industry.


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