23.02.2022 by Fabian Weiß, Aileen Sammler

Digital Service Provided by NETZSCH

In January, we presented an overview of our wide range of service and support offerings regarding all aspects of thermal analysis. Today, learn how NETZSCH Customer Service can now provide even faster and more efficient support thanks to digital solutions.

Digitization has become an integral part of many areas of our lives. In our work life, too, more and more challenges from the digital world are coming our way.
However, can customer service and thus customers themselves, benefit from the numerous advantages of digitization? The answer is perfectly clear: “Yes!”

Back in 2017, we asked our customers whether they would be interested in digital solutions. The result was a resounding “yes”. Due largely to the current restrictions and travel limitations, the ability to support customers quickly and easily is becoming an ever-greater challenge today. Our objective is to boost expert knowledge and competencies worldwide and be available for you at any time.

Picture: NETZSCH offers an international digital service portfolio.

The currently difficult situation prevailing worldwide is giving rise to new requirements we all – customers and manufacturers – are confronted with. In addition, the need for training and exchange with instrument manufacturers is merely given by the fact that most instruments are in need of explanation. All this is absolutely subject to regular training, further education and consultation to be carried out in order to tap the analyzer’s full potential. To be able to meet this demand, NETZSCH laid the foundation for a broad service portfolio at an early stage, which today also includes efficient digital solutions along with classic offerings. 

Hotline and Video Remote Support

In addition to classical digital service tools such as the hotline, chat and FAQ section on our website, NETZSCH offers cost-effective and efficient solutions with the help of remote support. With the Team Viewer program, your technician can perform small adjustments and repairs on the instrument directly while receiving real-time online technical support from one of our NETZSCH service engineers. This not only saves time, but also costs. Of course, all of our service employees have been trained in-house for years and offer correspondingly proficient technical service.

Bild: Teamviewer Assist AR installed on a smartphone

Intelligent Instruments

If the issue cannot be solved easily, our service technicians will visit you on-site as soon as possible. Here, too, one of our digital solutions provides the most efficient support possible. NETZSCH instruments are equipped with an instrument self-test: This means that we can read out data and error messages in hardware and software in advance and thus know directly what problem we are dealing with. This benefits our customers first and foremost, as it enables us to guarantee a first-time fix rate of over 90%. However, to prevent the occurrence of failures to the greatest extent possible right from the outset, our devices are equipped with intelligent measuring software with device-specific display of calibration and maintenance intervals. You will receive automatic maintenance recommendations based on the usage interval of your instrument in order to ensure its long and efficient life.

Screenshot: Our measurement and evaluation software reminds you of maintenance

NETZSCH Software

In order to make the operation of your instrument as intuitive as possible, we also strive to continuously develop the software and keep it in line with cutting-edge technology. With the NETZSCH Software Service, you can have the latest updates automatically installed on your instrument, or download them manually and free of charge within a software generation. This ensures that your measurements are as precise as they should be and that your NETZSCH instrument is ready for use at all times.

NETZSCH sees the ongoing digitalization trend as an opportunity to improve in all areas and to achieve the best possible progress for our customers.

You, too, can take advantage of the digital offering provided by our Customer Serviceand reap the benefits.

Join us on an informative tour of Service and Support by NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH and follow our upcoming blog posts.
The Service tour includes detailed information on the following topics, among others:

  • Installation support and repair service
  • Introduction and training in hardware and software
  • Training and application advice
  • Contact before the end of the warranty period
  • Individual and flexible service agreements
  • Offerings of additional software packages and extensions, spare parts and accessories
  • Software installation and update service
  • Hotline and video remote support
  • Support and emergency service during the entire product life cycle
  • Contract testing in one of our worldwide application laboratories

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