16.02.2022 by Aileen Sammler

Who Has the Oldest Dilatometer still in Use? And Here’s the Winner!

Who has the oldest Dilatometer still in use? And the Oscar goes to… Here’s the winner of our January raffle!

In January, we dived into the history of our dilatometer and asked: Who has the oldest instrument still in use?

The winner is Wendel GmbH in Dillenburg, Germany. Congratulations! Their dilatometer has been reliably measuring the coefficient of expansion of ceramic frits, glazes and engobes since 1978 until today.

Enclosed is a statement from our long-time customer:

“Wendel GmbH in Dillenburg has been a German quality manufacturer of frits, enamels, glazes and engobes since 1932. The thermal expansion behavior is an important feature of our products.
Within the scope of quality assurance and for new developments of frits, enamels and glazes, dilatometer measurements are indispensable. In the enamel departments of Wendel GmbH, new dilatometers are now being used. In the ceramics department, however, the coefficient of expansion of ceramic frits, glazes and engobes has been measured with the NETZSCH DIL 402 E/3 dilatometer from 1978 until now. Today’s operators are much younger than this instrument.
The NETZSCH Dilatometer works reliably and is carefully checked and maintained annually by a NETZSCH employee. From time to time, consumables have been replaced, the furnace exchanged and software and hardware updated.
In the context of sustainability, this is a small, but important contribution. We hope that this robust dilatometer will continue to work well and provide reliable measurements for a long time.”

Thank you for your contribution!

The raffle continues – it’s all about STA until March, 9th. Find out more here: NETZSCH – the Thermal Analysis Blog