thermogravimetric analysis

TG 209 F3 Tarsus®

The easy-to-use and cost-effective thermo-microbalance 

The thermo-microbalance, TG 209 F3 Tarsus®, represents a cost-effective overall concept, tailored not only to the quality assurance of polymers, but also to routine applications in the fields of organic, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food.

This basic instrument for thermogravimetric measurements offers already a resolution of 0.1 µg. The TG 209 F3 Tarsus® operates between room temperature and 1000°C with freely selectable heating rates from 0.001 K/min up to 200 K/min. The accurate sample temperature is detected by a thermocouple in direct contact with the sample crucible. Through the reliable vertical construction with sample carrier lift, the thermo-balance as a top-loader, is easy and safe to use, with no hang-down wires or exposed fragile parts.

The calculated DTA-signal c-DTA® (option) not only is ideal for temperature calibration. During sample measurements it yields important information regarding endothermal processes (e.g. VaporizationThe Vaporization of an element or compound is a phase transition from the liquid phase to vapor. There exists two types of vaporization: evaporation and boiling.vaporization with mass loss or melting without mass loss) as well as ExothermicA sample transition or a reaction is exothermic if heat is generated.exothermal reactions.

For the TG 209 F3 Tarsus® we offer an automatic sample changer (ASC) for up to 20 samples also in different crucible types.

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Technical Data

Temperature range
RT to 1000°C
Cooling time
20 - 25 min (1000°C to 100°C)
Heating and cooling rates
0.001 K/min to 200 K/min

Wide measuring range:
2000 mg

0.1 µg

inert, oxidizing, static, dynamic

Mass flow controller (MFC, optional)

Tightly adjusted gas flow via built-in frits

Gas-tight construction with capability of evacuation

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