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infraTest Prüftechnik GmbH was established in 1991, the headquarters located in the picturesque town of Brackenheim-Botenheim, Germany.
 With more than 25 years of experience in the field of manufacturing testing equipment infraTest offers an extensive range of products and services in all areas of materials testing technology including asphalt, concrete and soils. Innovation and automation set infraTest apart, in-house R&D team is constantly working to improve the testing experience.

NETZSCH Analysing and Testing

NETZSCH Instruments North America LLC is the North American Headquarters of the Analyzing & Testing business unit of the NETZSCH Group.  We develop and manufacture a complete high-precision instrument line for Thermal and Thermal-Mechanical Analysis, Thermophysical Properties including modulus, viscosity, and CreepCreep describes a time and temperature dependent plastic deformation under a constant force. When a constant force is applied to a rubber compound, the initial deformation obtained due to the application of the force is not fixed. The deformation will increase with time.creep compliance analized over a broad range of environmental and processing conditions enabling greater understanding of materials visco-elastic behavior realting to end product performance.

In conjunction with our world class consulting, commercial testing services and support, NETZSCH Instrumentation provides you solutions, not just data.



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Kinexus - DSR

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EN 12697/1 - ASTM D8159-2018 - AASHTO for the safe extraction of recycling asphalt and determination of the binder content using non-flammable solvents.


  • Two viewing windows for visual monitoring of the recovery process
  • Direct connection to the rotary evaporator
  • Easily accessible temperature limiters
  • An additional inlet sieve in the recovery collects the smallest asphalt components
  • Visualization of the recovery process
  • Easy maintenance and service
  • User friendly software
  • Proven technology Secure, fast extraction results

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