Hyphenated Techniques

Transfer line coupling

The transfer line coupling of the TGA or STA thermal analyzer via a heated coupling adapter and a heated transfer line transports the gases evolved to the Bruker INVENIO.

The heated gas cell can be located in an external module or connected to the INVENIO via the right exit, or the gas cell may be situated at the internal position.

An external gas cell allows the operator access to the FT-IR spectrometer’s great flexibility and makes it possible to add on accessories such as an ATR unit or a microscope.

The gas transfer line is characterized by a low volume and a short capillary length, thus minimizing dilution effects and leading to fast response times. To prevent cold spots and thus condensation of the gases evolved, the entire gas path is heated.

TG 209 F1 Libra® with closed BRUKER INVENIO cell
TG 209 F1 Libra® with open BRUKER INVENIO cell
STA 449 F1 Jupiter® with open BRUKER INVENIO cell
Schematic of TG-FT-IR Coupling

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Evolved Gas Analysis Coupled to Thermal Analysis by Means of Infrared Spectroscopy

Technical Data

Gas cell volume and length
11.8 ml/123 mm
Temperature of transfer line
max. 400°C

Wave number range:
FT-IR: 8000 cm-1 to 340 cm-1
Coupling: 4400 cm-1 to 600 cm-1

better than 0.4 cm-1

Furnace adaptor:
max. 400°C

Transfer line material:
Stainless steel (exchangeable)

Window material gas cell:
ZnSe + KBr

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